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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How To Buy Ad Packs In Hourly Rev Share 2013

How To Buy Ad Packs In Hourly Rev Share 2013

How To Buy Ad Packs In Hourly Rev Share 2013

Hourlyrevshare is currently experiencing massive growth. This is due to the quality of service members are enjoying and they are equally spreading the news like wide fire. 
 We are enjoying record deposits and payments have been very smooth, steady and fast as usual.

Check it out for yourself here;

I am pleased to announce to you that our Testimonial Page has been added. Members can write testimonials about HRS and express what you think about us.
 It will surely be helpful to build confidence with newbie's. It will also help to update everyone about current progress members can find it in Members Overview panel.

Today, we hit another milestone of 2000+ members and also 870+ record payments has been made within 33 days at the time of filing in this report, 300+ members in past 48 hours Thanks
 to everyone who has been supporting HRS to attain this massive success.
Many have been asking us same question daily on how we are able to make money to service members account. For all first callers, we have given a satisfactory explanation but for the benefit of doubt,
 we will give a repeat explanation.

It is very easy. We generate profits on 2 fronts. First is online adverting. This we are new in but doing very well. On our second front which is forex trading,
 I have a considerable experience in this area. If we are able to make 7%-10% profit on our daily forex trading, how is it difficult to pay 6.5% on members return?
 Anyone who is conversant with online advertising business knows this is a massive income machine. In the first half of last year, U.S. Internet sites collected $17 billion in ad revenue alone, 
a 14 percent increase over the same period of 2011, according to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau. In the second half of 2011, websites had $16.8 billion in ad revenue.

 So even if growth were to slow, digital media this year could exceed the $35.8 billion that U.S. print magazines and newspapers garnered in ad revenue alone in 2011.
The good thing about advertising is that it does not require daily investment but generate income while you sleep.

When member buy ad packs, we move some funds into our forex account for daily trading; some are kept on our stabilization fund account to attend to member's request.
 After every 2-3 days, we move profit from forex account and more funds can also be injected depending on our weekly profit margin. This is a continuous cycle which allows us to boost our income base.

 Some may want to know if we always make profit and never lost? Well, sometimes we lose but we are able to cover every loss from subsequent trading and advertisement revenue. 
The bottom line is that we are able to generate enough profit to pay every member and you know, the higher your fund base the more profit you can generate with careful trading skills.

For efficiency purposes, we are developing a robot (script) that will handle instant payment and members will not have to wait a second after placing withdrawal request. 
Because it requires a lot of high tech security, we may have to test-run the system properly before adding it. More things will be added step by step in coming days.

 My major aim is to see HRS on No.1 in this industry.

For us, stability is the key to optimum success.

For all our members in houryrevshare skype room, you will notice that our skype room one is full and can no longer accommodate new members. Our second Skype room is now created for new members to jump in.
 In anticipation of this massive growth level, we have created a third skype room in waiting.

Should you experience any missing ad pack deposit, please use our Report missing Share platform to report us and we assure you that your fund would be added without delay.
It is getting more exciting as HRS is fast becoming a record breaker. We came to make a difference, to help you earn, to prove to you that team support and hard work pays.

For more information visit;

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